If you perform work that requires workholding on a daily basis and are looking for effective, durable, affordable solutions – you’ve come to the right place. Discover our competence in the field of clamping technology, learn more about the systems and solutions we use, and then choose products tailored to your needs. We know perfectly well that your performance depends on how precise your tools are. That is why we leave no room for compromise.

Clamping technology

Proper clamping is one of the most important elements of the machining process. Thanks to the clamping system, we can ensure that the workpiece has superior stabilization and correct positioning on the machine while preventing movement. It also allows you to achieve the right precision giving the workpiece the right properties, dimensions and shape. The quality, speed and efficiency of the entire production also depend on how reliable and solid the clamping is.

Clamping technologies that we offer allow our clients to achieve greater precision in machining and significantly reduce cycle times, which strongly translates into obtaining the right end results while lowering costs. Our clamping systems, guaranteed by reliability and the highest quality, ensure extremely high stability in securing the workpiece.

Ensuring our technology always keeps pace with innovation and the latest trends, we provide our clients with only high-quality tools, tailored to the most demanding needs.

Clamping technology covers a wide range of solutions. At BISON, we specialize primarily in high-quality lathe chucks (manual and power), clamping jaws, and vises.

In addition to standard chucks, used for processing elements of various shapes and dimensions, we also offer specialized chucks, adapted to advanced, custom machining, meeting the specific requirements of customers and their projects.

Technological equipment for machining: lathe chucks, jaws and vises

Clamping systems are used to hold the workpiece securely during machining. Modern clamping systems include many types of solutions, depending on workpiece and the way we process it. The choice of clamping technology affects the cutting force,  overall accuracy, which surfaces can be machined in a given setting and what the tool path will be.

We know that different projects and challenges require different approaches to stabilizing workpieces, and your precision depends on their reliability. That is why, at BISON, you will find a whole range of solutions tailored to your needs. Our services include: manual lathe chucks, power chucks, vises, VDI tool holders and clamping jaws.

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