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Workholding technology

We are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of highest quality technological tooling and workholding for the metal working industry. For over 70 years, we’ve been providing our clients from over 60 global markets with reliable tailored and complete clamping solutions and the necessary technological tooling and workholding for the metal working industry.

In our offer you will find only truly European, durable and high-quality products, including: manual and power lathe chucks, cylinders, precision machine vises, milling fixtures, VDI toolholders, spindle tooling and quickchange toolposts, manufactured using advanced technologies. You can be confident that the solutions you choose are produced and delivered by unquestioned experts and industry leaders trusted by thousands of customers. You will find all the clamping solutions you need in just one place.

We focus on the highest quality, durability, precision and reliability.
Workholding technology

At our 7.5 acre factory in Bialystok, Poland, we manufacture cast iron, produce castings, harden, grind and machine products. Each of them is thoroughly controlled by BISON experts before it reaches the market.

We do not compromise on the quality of our products, materials and technologies used. Our products meet DIN, ISO and ANSI standards. We have implemented the ISO 9001 certified quality management system.

We provide solutions that you can be sure of.

We are not looking for cheap solutions – we put trust in the proven resources, knowledge and skills of the BISON team. 100% of our manufacturing is done within the European Union.

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Clamping technology

Reliable and solid clamping is one of the foundations of an effective machining process. It guarantees the highest precision, but also significantly increases the quality and efficiency of production. That is why the choice of reliable clamping technology plays such an important role in the work of any professional who cannot afford to compromise while choosing unproven solutions – regardless of whether they operate in the automotive, medical, aviation or steel industry.

At BISON SA we offer only clamping solutions that you can trust without worrying about their durability, precision and reliability.

We provide the highest quality tooling, tailored to the needs of the most demanding projects.

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Clamping technology