Who are we?

Operating in the market since 1948, we are one of the global leaders in the production of professional tooling for machining. We also provide engineering services and design of manufacturing equipment and processes for machining.

Our products, marked with the BISON brand, are world-renowned for the highest standard of design, production, durability, quality and precision. Behind the highest quality of our products lie an extremely long service life, accuracy, functionality and the trust of our customers.

Empowered by precision
What can you expect with us?

For years we have been producing manual and power lathe chucks, machine vises, milling fixtures and VDI toolholders delivered in dimensions according to the individual customers’ needs. We guarantee high product parameters thanks to technological advancement and thorough quality control at every stage of production.

What does our production process look like?

The entire production process takes place under one roof. Thanks to this, at every stage – from the casting to the final finish – we know everything about our products and are able to guarantee their highest quality and maintain constant control over them. In the Białystok factory we produce cast iron, heat treat and grind products. Each of them, before it enters the market, is carefully controlled by our experts.

At the same time, we constantly improve our production processes, investing in the machine park and equipment with the latest machinery. The skillful combination of tradition and innovation is our trademark and it is how we meet expectations of the most demanding projects.

Our modern machine park consists of machines enabling the implementation of processes according to the latest technologies. These are solutions from leading manufacturers, including: Okuma, Haimer, Ingersoll, Okamoto, Studer, Ziersch Tech, Pramark, Pilous. Our engineering specialists constantly keep pace with new trends in order to improve their qualifications. It is thanks to their passion and ideas that the company’s operations are focused on innovation.


What quality can our customers expect?

We do not compromise when it comes to the quality of our products, materials and technologies used. The condition for marking a product with the BISON brand is strict control and compliance with all quality standards. Our products meet DIN, ISO and ANSI standards. We have also implemented a certified quality management system ISO 9001.

Empowered by precision