Thanks to the highest accuracy and extraordinary durability, our products are an investment that pays back from the first day of use. We subject every product to thorough controls, guaranteeing the highest quality, which has been recognized and appreciated by our customers around the world for decades. As one of the world leaders in the production of machining equipment, we are known, among others, for producing high-quality manual lathe chucks, power chucks, vises and milling fixtures. Selected products achieve precision up to 2 micrometers!

High quality and precision result from advanced technology and carefully controlled production processes. The whole process is performed under one roof, under the guidance of our experts. Thanks to this, we can guarantee that our products meet strict quality standards and are 100% European!

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Lathe chucks

With manual lathe chucks you can easily mount workpieces on lathes and grinders. They are also used in many applications, such as indexing fixtures. In our catalog, you will find the highest quality lathe chucks - both standard and precision. We produce them from high quality cast iron and forged steel. All working surfaces are ground and induction hardened. Our experts regularly perform detailed tests for excessive runout. As a result, our customers receive a stable product that operates very efficiently with high reliability and increased durability which will be valued for its quality for decades.

That’s why we can guarantee a very favorable price-quality ratio of each Standard and Premium series chucks manufactured by us.

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Power chucks and cylinders

If you work on CNC lathes or multi-functional turning-milling centers, power chucks are the solution you are looking for. The main advantage of this type of chuck is the speed of clamping and unclamping of the workpieces and obtaining high clamping forces with a minimum of effort on the part of the operator. We recommend them especially where frequent clamping and unclamping is needed.

Our power chucks are made from high quality forged alloy steel. They have not only a high load carrying capacity and durability, but also a high gripping accuracy and repeatability. All BISON Power Chuck bodies are carbonized and hardened to 60 HRC. The bodies and relevant working parts are finely ground, enabling the final product to be precise with excellent mechanical properties. The result is a rugged chuck with the most effective price-performance ratio in the market.

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We offer a wide selection of precision machine vises as well as manually operated press. We manufacture them from the highest quality materials. Thanks to this, our vises are reliable and universal, owing to their refined structure - easy to install and comfortable in everyday use. All of them are subject to precise quality control in order to offer our customers only those products that will provide them with the highest reliability and long durability.

Machine vises with prismatic jaw guidance are perfect, among others, for milling and drilling operations. The design of the vise allows for the reduction of radial clearance on the guides during operation. Bench vises are an excellent choice for work such as sawing, deburring, cutting, engraving and many other activities performed in a locksmith's workshop.

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Milling fixture

All of our indexing fixtures and our spindle tooling are thoroughly inspected and must meet our strictly quality control standards before they can carry the BISON name.

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VDI toolholders

VDI toolholders in our offer are designed for CNC turning centers. We offer over 20 types of toolholders, and each of them, before being marked with the BISON brand, is subjected to precise and strict quality control.

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Chucks jaws

We also manufacture high quality chuck jaws compatible with many lathe chucks. This include jaws with both tongue and groove, as well as inch or metric serration. Our chuck jaws are made of the highest quality steel guaranteeing durability and reliability. Ground jaws teeth provide additional stability and accuracy of workpiece clamping.

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Spindle tooling and quickchange toolposts

we offer tool shanks for conventional milling, NC machines and CNC machining centres.

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fax: +44 (0)1733 394 675
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Special clamping solutions

If you are performing a work that requires special clamping and no standard tools meet your requirements, BISON S.A. is the perfect partner for you with over 70 years of experience in clamping and metalworking. We take on every challenge, no matter what industrial area your project is related to. Our team of experienced constructors will support you from idea to launch.

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