Application of professional technological equipment for machining is very versatile. Our solutions are used in dozens of industries where solid, durable and reliable clamping is the basis of production – especially when the accuracy and repeatability of performance is most important, regardless of whether it is high- or low-volume or small and large size production. The final machining efficiency and precision of the whole process depends on how accurate and durable the clamping is. That is why we constantly support our clients in their challenges, providing them with the highest-class equipment and solutions facilitating effective production.

Regardless of the application range of our products, always the same highest standards apply to their production. Professional technological tooling for machining from our factories is comprised of a wide range of solutions – from precision tools that are used in medical industry, to large-size chucks for the railway and energy sector.

Our products are most often used in the following industries:


Modern clamping systems are an indispensable element of our clients’ machinery equipment operating in the automotive sector. When designing and producing clamping solutions, we use our knowledge of production processes and extensive know-how of challenges in the automotive industry. We constantly attach great importance to the smallest details ensuring high quality products all of which follow all safety standards. Most importantly, our devices are distinguished by their durability, high clamping force and repeatability. Together with our clients from the automotive industry, we implement innovations that support process and technological changes.

Mechanical engineering

Machine design is one of the areas in which we operate every day. Having daily and long-term experience in the production of clamping devices allows us to precisely advise and adapt to the requirements of our clients from the mechanical engineering sector. If you operate in mechanical engineering – you can be sure that we understand your challenges through and through – from beginning to end.

Medical industry

In the rapidly developing medical industry; high precision, attention to the smallest detail and sensitivity for the most delicate materials count. Customers operating in this industry choose our solutions precisely because of the guarantee of reliability and highest quality, which is particularly important in this case. They can be sure that our experience will allow them to achieve maximum accuracy. This accuracy is achieved by using our micro-clamp systems which is successful even at the most demanding projects including the production of dental implants and endoprosthesis of hip and knee joints.

Aerospace industry

Innovative technological tooling for machining is an indispensable part of production in the aerospace industry. We help our clients in this sector to constantly develop and adapt production processes to new solutions that facilitate the building of durable, reliable machines and constructions.

Steel construction sector

For many years, we have been supplying our steel partners with innovative, reliable and secure clamping solutions. If you are in the steel construction sector, be sure to learn about our chucks, ideal for machining this massive and demanding material.

Tool and mold production

Efficient production of the best quality tools and molds cannot succeed without solid clamping. What counts here is speed, efficiency, precision and innovation, which can only be ensured by proven and professional technological equipment for the machining process. Thanks to our products you will not only increase the efficiency of mold and tool production, but also reduce its costs.

Power generation industry

BISON’s solutions are also successfully used in the power generation sector, which – due to the ever-growing demand for energy – has been developing very dynamically in recent years. Using our many years of experience, we offer our clients operating in the power generation industry a wide range of products suitable for both the petroleum industry and renewable (wind) energy, providing, among others; large mounting systems. We constantly adapt them to the evolving challenges of our clients. Our tooling allows you to fully optimize and improve production processes.

Do you know that our solutions have become part of an innovative project for the energy of the future - ITER?

In connection with the “ITER” (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) project currently being implemented at the Cadarache research center in the south of France, we have designed a unique self-centering vise type 6651-105-230 together with the Italian-French consortium. Vises are designed to help achieve the main goal of the project: building an experimental fusion reactor. It is a technology that will replace conventional energy sources in the future, and the main goal of the “ITER” project is to carry out the necessary research into the economical production of fusion energy. Our unique clamping solutions help to develop the energy of the future!


Passenger and freight rail transport, constantly modernizing and gaining on importance, poses new challenges for producers of large parts of rolling stock and railway infrastructure. Utmost important factors are: safety, durability, mobility and high quality. This means great demands on products that ensure precision and reliability when machining workpieces. Our solutions fully meet the highest requirements of customers operating in this area, guaranteeing full support even for the most demanding projects.