Why us

Precision and durability you can rely on

We help our clients achieve the highest precision in machining and improve the quality and efficiency of production by providing them with complete clamping solutions. Our products are the result of a skillful combination of modernity with tradition and controlled quality with precision. For several decades we have been delivering this to our clients from over 60 markets around the world!

Our comprehensive offer includes key clamping systems solutions. With the help of our experts, you will always find exactly what you need. For our customers, this means: time saving, lower costs and 100% certainty of choosing the best solution available in the market.

As experts and leaders in the industry, we make sure that our products are durable and of the highest quality. These are fully European products. We manufacture them with high precision and using the latest technologies.

Precision and durability you can rely on
What do you gain by choosing our products?


You will find key clamping solutions from one supplier. You don’t have to search in many places, so you save time.


You gain confidence that you reach for the most effective, durable and safest solutions on the market. As a result, you lower costs, save time and reduce risk.


Our experts will select these products from a wide range of clamping technology and process requirements that are fully tailored to your needs.


The whole production under one roof guarantees precision and quality, which is difficult to achieve when choosing solutions from dispersed suppliers.


Our entire production system takes place in Europe, in accordance with strict quality standards.


We are experts with over 70 years of experience in the industry, trusted by thousands of customers