Lathe chuck installation guide

24 November 2020
How to properly install a self-centering lathe chuck on the machine?

How to properly install a self-centering chuck with fine adjustment? Watch our step by step guide:

Watch our "how to" movie >>


In the video we present BISON 3865:

  • This precision chuck, with increased gripping accuracy, is made for universal use, but particularly advantageous for grinding machines, indexing heads and lathes
  • Mounted on the machine tool spindle from the back of the chuck by using an adapter plate
  • Steel body material provides higher rigidity and wear resistance, enabling the chuck to withstand higher machining forces
  • Hardened and ground working surfaces prolong life while ensuring continuous accuracy and repeatability
  • Balanced scroll plate allows higher rotation speeds without excess vibration
  • Repeatability: 0,015 mm
  • Superior accuracy: small screws on the outside enable the chuck to be adjusted to position with nearly zero run-out (adjusting accuracy within 0,005 mm)
  • The clamped workpiece is adjusted to the required concentricity by means of 4 (8 for sizes 400 mm, 500 mm, 630 mm) radially arranged adjusting screws

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