The 6620 vise in MTD CNC

9 November 2020

In the latest technical corner of MTD CNC Mike Harris from BISON UK Ltd presents our 6620 machine precision vise. Mike gives a product demo and explains the key features.

Please watch the video :

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Precision machine vises are used for precision milling and grinding operations on CNC and conventional machine tools. Made of high-grade alloy steel, stabilized and hardened. The design, accuracy and quality ensure exact positioning the workpiece and obtaining large clamping forces. Vises may be also set up into machining units directly on machine table for clamping large workpieces or multi-machining.

6620 features:

  • Reversible fixed jaw
  • Quick re-adjustable, self- adjusting movable jaws
  • Can be used with removable jaw inserts


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